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We can make your web site easier to find, and easier to use.

The SEO for India blog keeps an eye on information directly from the search engines such as patent filings and whitepapers, to share some of the assumptions and processes behind how search engines work, how they rank web pages, and whether or not they might have some surprises for us in the future.

My name is Rahul Anand , and I am the president and founder of SEO for India. I have been engaged in professional SEO and internet marketing consulting since 1996.

SEO for India provides SEO services to help make it easier for sites to be found on the Web, and easier for those sites to be used once they’ve been found. Those services are backed by years of experience, and by research into search engine patents and white papers, experimentation, and studying the way that web sites and search engines interact.

SEO for India uses professional, ethical, and proactive approaches to help web sites and their intended audiences find each other.

SEO FOR INDIA is a global full service SEO Agency with offices in Charlotte, London, and India. Market Leader SEO offers guaranteed Google ranking services, paid search management, and social media marketing services. We currently have over 100 staff ready to help you with your internet marketing campaign.

Our US and UK based sales and support staff are experts in search engine optimization, internet marketing, conversion optimization and ecommerce sales strategy. All of our SEO staff are outgoing and ready to assist you with your web marketing effort. Contact us today for a no obligation SEO quote and website audit.

The SEO for India blog was originally started in 2005 to inform people about a grass roots gathering of people interested in internet marketing and search engines .

The site has since evolved into a place where I keep track of search related research and patents, and write about search engine optimization and other topics.

SEO for India is committed to offering information as accurately and helpfully as possible, while remaining civil as well as fair and impartial.



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About Rahul Anand, President of SEO for India, Inc.

I have a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronics and Communications.  I worked as a  manager and administrator, and as a technologist/management analyst.

I found myself intrigued by search engines, by usability, and by how people navigate around and explore web pages. I continued my efforts performing SEO and internet marketing part time until 2005 when I left the Court to work for an online marketing agency full time. Since then, I have worked on a wide variety of sites, including pages for Harvard Business School, Johns Hopkins University, The American Psychological Association, Baltimore.org, and Zurich NA, helping them to be more easily found on the Web.

I’ve also been a founder and administrator for one of the best known forums about internet marketing and usability at gForums, as well as a contributing author for a couple of the most well known sites online about search engine marketing, Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land. I have also written articles for the print publications Website Magazine, Search Marketing Standard, and Target Marketing.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak at industry conferences such as Search Engine Strategies about topics such as search engine algorithms, universal and blended search, personalization in search, search and social, and duplicate content problems.

SEO for India is located in South Ex Part One, New Delhi India.

I look forward to hearing from visitors to this site, and welcome any suggestions or ideas for the blog, and any inquiries from people who might be interested in working together.

Please feel free to contact me. My contact information is:

Rahul Anand
SEO for India

New Delhi India

Thank you.


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