Social media optimization


Social Media Optimization is the process of increasing awareness of a product, brand or event by using a number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity.
Social Media Optimization is therefore the process undertaken to capitalize on the huge traffic social networking websites can bring, thus increasing online sales and brand awareness.
We Believe a Company should not only be present via Social Media, But also interact with its consumers. 60% of American interact with companies on social media networking sites and one out of four interact more than once per week. Consumer should feel both a stronger connection with and better served by companies when they interact with them in a social media environment.

Process of Social Media Optimizationbullets  Identify Business goals, baseline and metrics for tracking the performancebullets  Identify KPIs and Objective social Media Mapping, habits, Motivations and influence.bullets  After Determining business goals, identify which social media channels match the best.bullets  Execute Social Media Optimization tactics for bringing together the client’s advertising plan

bullets  Engage Relationship fostering Upfront, open and transparent Adding to the conversation

bullets  Measure and Track the results of Social Media Optimization (SMO) activities we do.

bullets  Measure ROI Analysis data aggregation effort Optimization

bullets  Deliver result reports and continuous improvement recommendations on a regular basis.
What we do to generate company awareness from online sources beyond search engines
and develop more interactive relationships with existing customers, new prospects etc.

bulletsEstablishing LinkedIn profiles, groups, connections, ads,
updates and management.

LinkedIn could be a very effective resource for both you and your company. In addition to setting up a basic profile (with a followed link), you can also utilize groups, events, and answers to connect with a large online network.

bulletsDeveloping Twitter accounts, campaigns, tweets and management

Twitter has quickly become a popular platform for consumers and advertisers alike. For brands looking to communicate with customers in real time, the micro-blogging service is a great way to carry on conversations in 140 or fewer characters.

bulletsCreating and integrating YouTube videos

A well executed video with the right title and content, can have huge viral impacts for your brand, especially if your video reaches the most viewed pages. There are also numerous other ways to optimize your videos, but coming up with an interesting concept and being aware of title, tagging, and thumbnail image, should each be key components of your strategy.

bulletsEstablishing Facebook pages, ads, updates and management

Facebook is a tremendously popular social networking site. Its massive reach provides compelling opportunities to connect with customers, both current and future, through fan pages, news feeds, groups, and throughout the site.

bulletsEnhancing or developing an active company blog, posts and management

Best Way to establish relationships between other bloggers. By visiting different sites, and leaving quality messages, you can relationships with other bloggers and a regular interaction can be established. It also offers a great opportunity for the blogger to promote, his or her, own blog. Within the comments, links can be embedded, and these links work indirect advertisements or invitations.

bulletsImplementing online forums, bulletin boards or message boards

The most important source of information exchange over the net is forum. There are all kinds of forums categories and sub-categories, which basically work on a thread. A thread is a topic of post which gets answers, comments, solutions etc from various people Who have joined the forum to share their knowledge and information with others. The main Benefit of the forum is it causes awareness among the masses, provides visibility and also helps in getting traffic & popularity

bulletsDeveloping Squidoo lenses and management

Squidoo lens is the best way to fetch traffic and links

Social engagement through digital networking has moved from the realm of geeks and technophiles to a wider non-geek audience. This is supported by a recent survey conducted by Neilson which found that 67% of all those going online were spending time on social network sites, and that reach was spreading across all age groups with for example, a quarter of Facebooks users being over 50 years old. Search and destination sites remain the most popular online activities however social media and network exposure continues to grow.

Previously such engagement sites may have been seen as, at best, a toy and at worst a productivity destroying menace. However it is now believed that they can provide the ears through which to listen to your audience and to engage in open discussion, encouraging participation and promotion of your company and brand. It allows you to communicate with your audience in their environment, moving from push marketing to a much more natural approach.

Social networking tools are plentiful and to build up a full programme of social engagement could be time consuming and costly. Simple steps which may help you best utilise such opportunities are:

1. Social ring fencing

Creating company or brand tied accounts on tools such as Bebo, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and Wikipedia will stake your claim for the brand for potential future use.

2. Promotion in the right areas

Monitor what works and amend focus accordingly. In each instance there are two important facts to remember. Social networking is opt-in by your audience and normally generated through recommendation, it is therefore highly unlikely that you will see thousands of connections from day one. To use the tools to their fullest, the approach must be social, brash marketing and sales messages may annoy the audience and encourage negative feedback and opt-out. In addition, listening to your customer is vital, you should not be afraid of negative comment but rather, respond accordingly and allow this to inform what you do.

3. Online personas

A company persona should be adopted. This will allow multiple people to maintain the social presence and if chosen correctly will be a persona your audience can identify with. In tools such as Twitter that are mainly ongoing public conversations, persona adoption and personality is key in establishing the engagement with your audience.

4. Useful marketing

Marketing must be useful in order to earn attention. Users can choose or block content in social networking environments making it vital to earn this attention. Does your approach have talkability? Is it quirky, exclusive or shareable? Have you timed your approach for optimum relevance?

5. Make it easy

Allow your audience to follow the path of least resistance. If you wish for users to place your website in social bookmarking sites then allow them to do so at a click of a button by placing the link on your site. If you have a presence on Facebook or any of the other social networking tools ensure that you promote this on your site with a link to the appropriate presence.

Most importantly, have a go and have fun! Don’t let your competitors leverage all of the opportunities. Social engagement and networking can seem like a daunting environment however it needn’t be. The more you show a passion for your own brand, the more your audience will too.

Social Media Marketing does just that –

“Makes it easy”

Online marketing, Social Media Marketing – “WHERE SHOULD YOU START?”, it can be daunting, you’ve gotta learn this and you’ve gotta learn that, whats the best direction to take?, well, we are the best direction to take, we know business owners are busy so we can take the hard work out of building a true and visible online presence for your business.

Easy Social Media Marketing is your A-Z, one-stop-shop for all of your marketing needs, we are the experts who can start off or increase your online presence campaign without you having to learn it all.

 Social Media Marketing can –

  • Develop your State of the art Website – we make them search engine friendly, interactive and user friendly
    • Website landing page (Standard information website)
    • Online booking websites
    • eCommerce websites
    • Blogs
  • Open all of you accounts with – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and all relevant online Social Media Marketing sites.
    • Complete opening and setup of accounts
    • Upload your content and information
    • integrate your accounts so they are linked to your website
  • Design your logo/Stationary set/advertising materials/Printing
    • Advanced design using the latest software
    • Organise printing from start to finish
    • Create elegant and proffessional videos showcasing your brand or product
  • Increase the traffic to your online arena ie.Website,Facebook,Twitter and other domains relevant to your business
    • Develop and Design your Facebook Fanpage
    • Get your Twitter account working for you
    • SEO>> Search Engine Optimisation
    • SEA>> Search Engine Advertising
    • LSO>> Local Search Optimisation
  • Manage and Maintain your online presence
    • Set-up Google, Facebook and twitter paid marketing campaigns
    • Maintain certain aspects of your Socail Media Marketing accounts automatically

    We know every business is different and different approaches and strategies are required to cater for each clients needs, so Contact US today to make an appointment to see how we can really get your business living on the internet!

The diagram below shows just a few of the neworks Easy Social Media Marketing will integrate your online presence with

Social Media Marketing


10 Main reasons your business “NEEDS” to be using Social Media Marketing

1. If you aren’t your competitors probably are

2. The longer you leave it the longer it will take to build your online presence using it

3. It is now as important as your electricity and phone bill, without these tools your business would not be able to grow

4. In 2011 86% of New Zealanders now have access to Broadband internet, and this internet will get faster

5. 2 million New Zealanders are on Facebook, 56% Female and 44% Male

6. Most kiwis will search Google, Yahoo or Bing for a solution to their problem or query rather than search the Yellow pages

7. Only 14% of Online shoppers trust advertisements, but 90% trust peer recommended content – social media marketing is better than ‘word of mouth’, it’s ‘world of mouth’!

8. “You can’t sell a secret” but your friends can via their friends via their friends via their friends…

9. You will make more connections be it personal or business related, people can easily save your details if they need your product or service in the future. You “will inevitably make more money”

10. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: You don’t have a choice on whether you should do Social Media Marketing, the question is “how well you do it”. It will be the cheapest and best marketing investment your business will ever make, and it will last as long as the internet does.

Top excuses we hear from businesses

1. I don’t have the time to do it
Answer: We can do it for you

2. We can’t afford it right now
Answer: If you want to grow or be in business still in 5 years, “YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO!” the longer you leave it the further your competition could get ahead of you

3. We are downsizing due to a lack of work or I may be shutting down the business soon to work from home
Answer: Then you “MUST” upsize your online presence regardless and Social Media Marketing should be a big part of this

4. I have many larger competitors in my Industry, how could my business possibly keep up online?
Answer: The internet gives you a level playing field, your competitors may outrank you in size and resources but with our help you have the ability to compete if not outrank them online, also many of the larger companies do not see the need for social media marketing or they simply outsource it to companies like us.

5. We have a website already
Answer: It’s no longer just about a website, a website generally just exists online tucked away in its own little corner, we build our clients a huge online presence, not just websites and we work with you to get targeted traffic visiting your online existence

6. I build my own FREE websites
Answer: Google has strict guidelines, the layout and the way the site is built is the most important thing for Google to read your site and rank it well. Hackers easily hijack free sites and email addresses and use them to spam people around the world without you knowing! (I could go on and on…)

7. What makes you better than our existing or any other web-developer
Answer: Many reasons
a)        99% of web-developers are just that, web developers, they have little and/or out-dated knowledge about online marketing and SEO, let alone social media marketing. We are online presence specialists

b)        We have our finger on the pulse of Social Media Marketing, we know when Google and Social media networks make changes and we learn what is needed to keep up

c)         We can build websites and all of your Social Media Marketing accounts, set them up, get them working for you and then hand you the reigns when you’re ready

d)        We offer online video tutorials to teach you how to update and or add your own content to your website, online shop etc…, saving you money, unlike 99.9% of web development companies

e)        We practice what we preach!, we are the Directors of a company called Enviro Dynamics IP Ltd, Enviro Dynamics is the owner of multiple unique Solar products. Enviro Dynamics has a HUGE online presence that results in sales all over the world, Alaska, Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, Columbia, Niue, to name a few. We get requests from people all over the world to distribute our products or become affiliate marketers of our products. The owner of a Hunting business in Alaska uses and reviews our products for his followers, we have a distributor of our products in Florida USA and we are consistently assessing requests from website owners around the world on their eligibility or suitability to market our products online.

All of the above connections are a result of Social Media Marketing. So, what do you think about Social Media Marketing now?

Social Media Marketing

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