Guide To Google

By multiple measures, Google is the internet’s most popular search engine. But Google’s not only a web search engine. Images, videos, mobile content — even Google TV!

Major Google Services

Google releases a dizzying array of new products and product updates on a regular basis, and Search Engine Land keeps you up-to-date with all the news. Here are just a few of our popular Google categories, where you can read past coverage:

Google: Our “everything” category, this lists all stories we’ve written about Google, regardless of subtopic.Google Web Search: Our stories about Google’s web search engine, including changes and new features. Also see: Google: OneBox, Plus Box & Direct Answers, Google: Universal Search and Google: User Interface.

Google SEO: Articles from us about getting listed for free via SEO in Google’s search engine. Also see the related category of Google Webmaster Central.

Google AdWords: Our coverage of Google’s paid search advertising program.

Google AdSense: Stories about Google’s ad program for publishers, which allows content owners to carry Google ads and earn money.

Google Maps & Local: Coverage of Google Maps, which allows you to locate places, businesses, get directions and much more. Also see Google Earth for coverage of Google’s mapping application.

Google Street View: Articles about Google’s popular yet controversial Street View system that uses cars to take photos of homes and business, which are then made available through Google Maps.

Google YouTube & Video: Articles about Google’s YouTube service, which allows anyone to upload video content. YouTube also has so much search traffic that it stands out as a major search engine of its own.

Google Logos: Google loves to have special logos for holidays and to commemorate special events. We track some of the special “Google Doodles,” as the company calls them. Also see our retrospective story, Those Special Google Logos, Sliced & Diced, Over The Years.

Also see our special guide for searchers, How To Use Google To Search.

Google Resources

Further below is a full list of additional Google topics that we track. But first, here are a few sites that track Google in-depth.

First up is Google’s own Official Google Blog. Google also has many other blogs for individual products, which are listed on the official blog. This feed keeps you up-to-date on any official blog post, from any of Google’s blogs. Google also had a traditional press release area.

Beyond official Googledom are a number of news sites that track Google particularly in-depth. These include: Dirson (in Spanish), eWeek’s Google Watch, Google Blogoscoped, Google Operating System, John Battelle, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Roundtable, WebProNews and ZDNet Googling Google.

The Full Google List

We said Google is more than just a web search engine, right? Below is the full list of various Google search and search-related products that we track. Click any link to see our stories in that particular area:

Guide To Bing

Microsoft has long offered its own search engine. However, it opened a new chapter in its fight against Google’s dominance by relaunching its search engine as Bing in June 2009.

Since that time, Bing has gained market share, though it remains far behind Google and even Yahoo. However, Bing also has cut a deal that will let it “power” the results that Yahoo carries. That will give it more indirect reach. Meanwhile, it continues to spend on marketing, which is even managing to get a few people to say that they “Bing It.”

Major Bing Services

Bing provides more than web search. Below are a few of our popular Bing categories, where you can read past coverage:

Bing: Our “everything” category for anything specifically to do with Bing, especially its search products and features.Bing Mobile: Coverage of Bing’s efforts in the mobile search space.

Bing Maps & Local: Bing Maps is a serious challenger to Google Maps and offers an interesting array of “map apps” for particular searches.

Bing SEO: Articles from us about getting listed for free via SEO in the Bing search engine.

Bing Travel: Bing’s travel search has gained much attention, especially for its fare prediction service.

Microsoft adCenter: Stories about Bing’s paid search advertising program.

Microsoft: Our “everything” category, this lists all stories we’ve written about Microsoft and Bing, regardless of subtopic.

Bing & Microsoft Resources

Bing runs a variety of blogs for various products. To keep track of everything, watch the official Bing Community web site.

Aside from the official resources, also check out these places that track Microsoft or Bing particularly in-depth: All About Microsoft, John Battelle,, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Roundtable.

The Full Bing & Microsoft List

Below is the full list of various Microsoft and Bing-related topics that we track. Click any link to see our stories in that particular area:

Guide To Yahoo

Yahoo was the original search giant, when it first launched back in the 1990s. Google has long since eclipsed it in popularity as a search engine, but Yahoo still has a significant share of search activity.

2011 will be a key year for Yahoo. By that time, if not sooner, Yahoo plans to give up its own search technology and be “powered” by rival Bing, which is owned by Microsoft. This type of “coopetition” used to be common in the search engine industry. Whether it will succeed for Yahoo remains to be seen.

In the Yahoo-Microsoft deal, Yahoo will continue to maintain its own Yahoo brand. Its “editorial results” will come from Bing — and rankings at Yahoo will be exactly like you see at Bing, Yahoo has told us. However, Yahoo may alter the look-and-feel around those results, as well as provide additional information that it hopes will make it more compelling than Bing as a search engine.

Yahoo will also carry paid search ads that come from Bing. If you’re a small company, you’ll buy those ads directly from Bing, using self-serve forms. If you’re a big advertiser, someone that has an account representative to help, Yahoo will work directly with you — though the ads ultimately will still get placed into Bing’s back-end system.

Major Yahoo Services

Yahoo provides more than web search. Below are a few of our popular Yahoo categories, where you can read past coverage:

Yahoo: Our “everything” category, this lists all stories we’ve written about Yahoo, regardless of subtopic.Yahoo Answers: One of Yahoo’s big success stories, Yahoo Answers allows anyone to ask a question and get back answers from the Yahoo Answers community.

Yahoo’s Delicious: Coverage about Yahoo’s popular web site bookmarking service.

Yahoo’s Flickr: Stories about Yahoo’s popular photo sharing service.

Yahoo News: By some measures, Yahoo is the most popular news site in the United States. Articles about the news search engine.

Yahoo Search: While Yahoo Search is slated to be powered by Bing, Yahoo still plans its own unique search offerings. This category tracks what Yahoo does in web search.

Yahoo Search Ads: Yahoo’s search advertising system, Yahoo Search Marketing (or “Panama,” as it is known to search marketing veterans), is set to close as part of the Microsoft deal. But while it continues to operate, we continue to track it.

Yahoo SEO: Until Bing takes over, Yahoo still has its own unique results, and this category has coverage of tips and advice for webmasters and marketers looking to rank better in Yahoo.

Yahoo Resources

Those interested in Yahoo may also wish to keep an eye on the company’s official blog, Yahoo Anecdotal. Yahoo also maintains the Yahoo Search Blog, which covers search-related topics. The YSM Blog is aimed at Yahoo’s search advertising customers. Yahoo press releases can be found here.

The Full Yahoo List

Below is the full list of various Yahoo search and search-related products that we track. Click any link to see our stories in that particular area:

Next Generation SEO

Social Media promotion is the next generation of Search Engine Optimization. As a fully white hat SEO agency, Rank Executives will virally seed your website across all areas of social media. When seeded properly, we ensure that you gain natural, valuable links on both social sites and off-site blogs. We take a 5 point approach to Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Tumblr, and StumbleUpon. Social Media SEO is important, we have what it takes to get your business found on ALL of the major networks.

Social Networking

Social networking plays a huge role in the social media platforms of today. It is nearly impossible to properly conduct a social media seo campaign without knowing exactly what social networking is going to factor in. Marketing and outreach are vital for success. Unless you have a widely establishes online brand presence, the social marketing of person to person communication will help get your content spread to the sources necessary in order to generate high quality backlinks.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization and search engine optimization go hand in hand. At Rank Executives, our social media seo campaigns focus strongly on the viral seeding aspect. We optimize your brands presence on all the major social networks. Twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, tumblr and instagram are all key aspects to an optimized social media campaign.

When it comes to social media optimization, one thing is true… persistence is vital. You must never give up.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

All of us have heard the above statement at one point or another in our lives. Social media has proven the worth of this phrase. Knowing and connecting with others increases brand awareness, the reputation of your business and will help to drive sales to your internet based company.  The ability to reach out to your customers on a more personal level and allowing that personal interaction to travel in two directions is key. This also helps to create loyal followers who will promote your brand simply through word of mouth.

The rule of 6 degrees of separation directly applies in this industry. You are just 6 people away from reaching everyone on this planet.  So what are you waiting for?  Let Rank Executives help you to make headway in the hectic world of online social media resources.  Our team of experts in our social media department are specifically trained to help you with the following social media services:

¤ Strategic planning based upon your specific business goals.

¤ Viral Content Creation. (Videos, Infographics, Compelling Articles)

¤ Page Creation and management of the most effective social media outlets.

¤ Utilizing more effective ways to reach your targeted audience, expanding your sphere of influence

¤ Monthly reports and analysis of your presence in the social media realm. 

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Social Media SEO

Many people focus on building links to increase their rankings, forgetting about the impact of Social Media SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a natural process that has fundamental roots in Social Media.

As Google turns to Facebook shares and Twitter posts for insight on SEO rankings, a powerful online social presence is important for any quality business.  New social media sites such as Pinterest offer a new take on the world of social media. On these social outlets, you to specifically share the product that you offer for scrutiny by a huge public forum of people. Making sure that you are on top of and utilizing the latest in social media tools is the key to reaching your targeted audience. When you are on top, you drive traffic to your site and ultimately convert those visitors into lifetime clients. Social Media Optimization is not a one time process, but an ongoing campaign that constantly drives quality visitors.

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