Get 10000+ Free Auto Backlinks to get Instant Traffic to your website

What are “Backlinks”?:  Backlinks is links that are directed towards your website and also Known as Inbound links. Inbound links is very importance of  Search Engine. If your website  have more  and more backlink the major search engine indexed your website highly and your site will get high page rank.

How to increase website backlink?

To increase your website backlink and page rank  here some important tips for you .

1.             submit you link to some important link directory.

2.             Comment On Other  Related Blog or website with only One link

3.             Don’t Comment any Irrelevant website.

4.             Don’t comment more then one in a website.

5.             Use automatic backlink generator website which I have added for you

How to get 10000 auto backlink easily ?

if a webmaster has a website You Should Know More About Link Building and Backlink . Today Here I have added a link list to submit your link and get 10000 bacnk link instantly.

1.    Submit to get 2500 backlinks with auto ping To ImTalk this  is a good one. Just put your URL and Keywords and submit. It will take sometime

2.  Get Over 663 Backlinks Just Submit Freesitescripts

3.  Get 300 Bacnklink Form bl01

4.             Enter your Domain name and get 500+ backlinks

5.             you can get 300+ backlinks from this site.

6.             Go this website and Get 320+ backlinks.

7.           Go this page and get 100+ backlinks.

8.             Submit to www.

9.             Submit to

10.          Auto backlink Generator : and get This website creates nearly 250 backlinks instantly

Just submit  your site to above link it will help you to increase instant traffic and high page rank

“How do I build quality backlinks to my website?”

Are you looking  for the ways to build quality backlinks seaching an answer to above metioned question? If yes, then you have landed in the right spot. This is the question which has been asked millions of times and has been provided with answers equal number of times. Now you might ask, why bother answering the same repeated question again? Well, most of the answers provided on the web are either incomplete or misleading. Therefore, I decided to post an article about it and provide a complete list of the ways you can build quality backlinks for your blog or website

As we all know, backlinks are really crucial for any website or blog, because it enables them get recognized quickly and rank highly in search engines. In other words, More backlinks = more traffic. But, the question is, how to build quality backlinks? It’s not as easy as it seems. It’s an infuriating and time consuming process. It is something you would rather not do, but the thing is, if you don’t pay your attention towards building links, you are not going to go far in this business. Just imagine the situation, wherein you write a lot of quality stuff but nobody is bothering with it except you. You would get in the same situation without having some high quality backlinks. That’s why you need to learn some killer ways to build quality backlinks to your website or blog. Make sure you follow these steps carefully, which I am sure, will help you in increasing your website’s reputation as well as traffic.

15 ways to build quality backlinks:-

1. Submit your articles to directories with high page rank

You can easily create some backlinks by submitting your articles to highly ranked directories which will help you build some high quality backlinks to your website.

2. Create ehow articles 

Are you tired of submitting your articles to websites like Ezinearticles where you have to wait for almost a week before your article  is published? If yes, then why not use a website  which can provide you with more valuable backlink? Yup, it’s true. Ezinearticles is a PR6 website, whereas eHow has a PR8 rank. Now it should be clear to you why I prefer eHow over other plateforms like Ezinearticles, Hubages, Squidoo etc. The only downside of using eHow is that they are very strict and choosy about accepting writers. You may not even get a chance to write for them because of their strict policy.

3. Use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon  and others

We all know how important social media has become lately.  Be proactive, make friends and share your content over places like Facebook, Twitter and others to get backlinks and gain some readers in the process. If you can’t handle all the sharing and participating by yourself, then yusea free service like IFTTT to get the job done for you.

4.  Leave your website link in the profile page

A lot of websites allows it’s members to leave a link to their websites in the member’s profile page. All you need to find some websites with high PR like AdobeMozzila etc and leave your website’s link in your profile page to build quality backlinks.

5. Use video sharing sites like YouTube

YouTube is the world’s second most used searched engine in the world. You can get a backlink for each video you upload over there. The sad fact is that they will allow you to have nofollow backlinks only, but getting a backlink from a PR9 website, be it a dofollow or nofollow backlink, can’t be a bad thing, right?

6. Participate in forums

Some of the forums like Warrior’s forums, Blackhatworld, Digitalpoint are really famous among bloggers because of their dofollow backlinks. There are hundreds of other forums with high page rank on the web. All you need to do is to create an account on any of the forums and start posing there to create high quality backlinks.

7. Comment on blogs

This is one of the easiest ways to get some quality dofollow and nofollow backlinks to your website. You just need to find some blogs falling in your niche and start leaving relevant comments there. Remember to leave your signature and website’s url to get the desired backlink.

8. Help others in Questions and Answers and post resources link

This is one of the popular ways to create backlinks, but remember that you will mostly get nofollow backlinks from most of the Q&A websites. This is one of the easiest ways to get some backlinks and traffic to your website. A website like yahoo answers should be your best bet if you want to start using this method.

9. Submit your article to social bookmarking websites 

Social bookmarking websites are one of the most emergent ways to make your article go viral, but you need to make sure that your article is of top notch quality and of use to visitors, otherwise nobody is going to bother with it. If you are an author with great skill, you will be amazed to see, how well social bookmarking works.

10. Guest blogging

If you have a fairly new blog or website with not a lot of traffic, then guest blogging can help you gain traffic and build quality backlinks to you website. Being a new blogger myself, I have been doing alot of guest blogging for blogs like Shoutmeloud, Problogger and Techgyd and the result is mind blogging. I have seen a surge in traffic since I started guest blogging. However, you must ensure that you are giving your absolute best while guest blogging, because the readers of your guest post will decide whether or not to visit your blog based on the quality of your guest posting.

11. Create a wikipedia article 

How many times we see Wikipedia pop up in front of us whenever we type in a particular term in Google? Literally every time. Why? Because, WiKipedia is Google’s darling. It is one of the most reputed website in the world. Just imagine, how awesome it would be to be able to get a backlink from WiKipedia. But to get a backlink, you need to write a content rich and informative article over there. Only then you will get a precious backlink from them.

Some other methods to build backlinks :-

12. Link exchange (Not recommended)

13. Paid banner ad

14. Paid link

15. If you provide useful/free stuffs or info on your site, then people will automatically link to you 

Methods to avoid:-

Never use the foloowing mentioned methods.  Why? Because, Google is against any kind of black hat technique and they have been penalizing those who are adopting these shortcuts to get some quick backlinks.

1. You should always avoid site wide link from footer.

2. Never buy backlinks. Build them yourself.

3. Always avoid link networks.

4. BlogRoll links are absolute waste of time. Avoid them too.

5. Content spinning

Are you searching how to profit bulk / mass 10000+ fully automatic backlinks? If yes means read this post very carefully and follow all these tips. This is the alternate and easy ways to profit more backlinks to your blog. But not guarantee for the backlinks. These tools not creating quality backlinks. But they will let to gain thousands of automatic backlinks.
I have used this type of method. I have listed best sites to create bulk auto backlinks. This is also called black hat technique. Give some tiny effect get mass backlinks.

Here the 4 sites (you can Trust 75%)

  • This is my one of the favorite site. Just add URL, and then you can see complete statistic of your blog with some dofollow backlinks to your blog. Just copy the URL and ping it.
  • This is also the same site like Just give your blogs URL submit, you can see the statistic of your blog then copy the URL and ping it.
  • Auto backlink Generator: This website creates nearly 250 backlinks instantly. Just submit your URL and ping it each and every one. That’s all.
  • IM Talk: this is a good one. Just put your URL and Keywords and submit. It will take some time to get 2500 backlinks with auto ping.

Here the some site (Don’t Trust, just add URL and submit)

high pr blogs pr 6 or pr7 for comments posting all are do follow

These are fully auto approve upper blogs are moderated I have checked them today after posting and found some are auto approve but some are not. You can comment them just keep one thing in mind don’t spam post some good comments you will get approved. Here is another list these all blogs are working auto approve hi pr (url page rank not domain so much powerful) do follow.…irst/blog.aspx…ed-apocalypses…y-act-revised/…my-living-room…een-paris.html…06/11/19/p2368…aturelles.html…rol-altalaban/…lywood-fringe-…-durgence.html…11/09/27/p6700…e-chamber.html…th-cleve-jones…-reverend-moon…11/10/18/p6733…&articleID=150…&articleID=153…11/10/14/p6729…oli-casserole/…-la-sante.html…-commerce.html…ce-cream-truck…p-dinner-guest…&articleID=149…Days/blog.aspx…11/10/17/p6732…s-her-way-back…on-at-the-fair…quit-drinking/…11/09/05/p6622…e-chamber.html…could-be-yours…on-and-disease…&articleID=151…ually-believe/…11/10/12/p6727…&articleID=147…in-lance-black…t-june-20-2011…rmill-thoughts…nt-to-iceland/…11/10/15/p6731…ting-happiness…s-some-t-and-a…rns-to-norfolk…window-locket/…-real-or-fake/…superbowl-game…d-in-the-dark/…the-president/…tars-chaz-bono…baker-makeover…une-bulle.html…the-gramophone…re-sperme.html…r/default.aspx…11/10/07/p6724…life/blog.aspx…le-fiesta-time…er-from-myself…-dance-awards-…to-france.html…files-of-pride…&articleID=146…erans-day-2012…he-next-new-do…11/10/17/p6732…11/10/12/p6728…nd-a-dialogue/…hearing-damage…tainment-Store…012-0326201202…name-backwards…-virtual-shelf…ir-health-tips…in-valley-mo-0…-partnerships/…7-january-2013…ir-welcome-all…aterfalls.html…alk-january-16…ish-lake-again…ter-qsb-diesel…-relief-effort…-energy-leases


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