Huge list of dofollow blogs to build high quality backlinks with high PR

list of dofollow blogsI have gathered a list of blogs where you can build dofollow backlinks on. Dofollow backlinks are very valuable for your website as they can pass a lot of link juice. They don’t have the nofollow tag, which means the search engine spiders don’t give much more value to it. So if you want to build some high quality backlinks, these are the places you can do that:


Page Rank 6 Blogs


Page Rank 5 Blogs


Page Rank 4 Blogs


Page Rank 3 Blogs

The key to be succesful with your offpage Seo strategy is to diversify your backlinks as much as possible. This means you should build both dofollow and nofollow backlinks. Unfortunately, on many blogs you’ll get only nofollow backlinks, so i hope this list can help you out with getting some high quality dofollow backlinks.

I also want to mention that this list of dofollow blogs only contains blogs with high pagerank. Pagerank is a way for google to determine the importance of a webpage. So the more backlinks you get on pages with high pagerank, the more important your own website will become and the higher you will rank in google for your keywords.

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