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Social media is like global warming; some people don’t take it seriously!

We do!

If you want to see how your business can benefit from getting social through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn SEOFORINDIA can help. We have experience of launching and managing campaigns on all of these social networks. This doesn’t mean every network is right for your business but every business can benefit from a social media strategy.

We can offer a complete social media management service. We can produce your social media strategy and implement it or we can run your existing social channels for you on an interim or permanent basis.

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Social media is a big part of what we do at SEO FOR INDIA . We love the opportunities it can generate, and our clients do too. But sometimes, when pitching the benefits of a stellar Facebook account, Twitter handle, or YouTube channel, we’re met with the mother of all social media questions: How in the heck are these platforms going to generate any ROI? Where’s the value??

To see the ROI in social media, you need to separate myth from fact. The last few years have seen a dramatic shift in the habits of consumers, not only in how they spend their time online, but how they purchase goods and media internet marketing

Myth 1: Social media is where teenagers hang out to discuss their social lives.

While social media may have started out as a playground for young, tech-savvy consumers, it has become the predominant form of media for all consumers to share information. According to a 2011 Nielsen Social Media Report, “social networks and blogs reach 80% of active U.S. internet users and represent the majority of Americans time online.” More specifically, looking at all social networks, Facebook is far and away the site where consumers spend their time.

Fact 1: Facebook has more than 800 million registered users; more than 50% of these users login every day.

No other social network comes close to this audience size. Your consumers are here, ready to get to know you and your business.

Myth 2: If I have an attractive Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube page, I have a good social media strategy covered.

Businesses from all industries are now seeing that generating a positive ROI in social media requires more than just creating a presence on the right networks. The most successful businesses realize they need a social media plan and strategy for implementing it successfully. This means not only connecting with consumers but converting those consumers to sales and service customers in a profitable manner to generate a measurable ROI.

Fact 2: Social media offers the opportunity to reach a large number of consumers for a much lower cost than traditional media.

To see a specific example of how this is accomplished: Castle Chevrolet dealers had 1,318 fans in December, not a large number by itself. However, during this same month, 3,281 people engaged with their dealership page (2.5 times larger than the fan base). Dig further, and look at Organic Reach, the number of people that visited the page or saw a post, and the number jumps to 14,413 people. Besides maximizing your reach in your local market, social media will also reduce your advertising costs. Castle Chevrolet’s total impressions during this month were 258,124. Generating this many impressions with traditional media would cost a dealer anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000, but these impressions were obtained for free.

Myth 3: I need a large number of fans and followers on social media to generate a positive ROI.

Businesses spend marketing dollars to build a huge number of fans, but at the end of the day they have a large fan base and no social ROI. While fan-building has its place in a social media strategy, it is just one small piece in the formula for success – and not the most critical one. Those who are succeeding in social media are developing a content strategy that drives revenue while reducing their advertising costs. What these businesses have figured out is that building fans and followers is not the key to generating a positive ROI in social media, but that content, specifically content interaction, is the king of social media.

Fact 3: Businesses have seen that the quality of fans, not the quantity, determines success.

How does a small but relevant group of fans impact your overall results? It is Friends of fans. The average Facebook user has 130 friends. So for every 500 fans your page has, the immediate reach is 65,000 people, and that is only the first level of connections. Once those friends share with their friends, your potential reach grows exponentially. That is why the quality of fans is so important. Fans that are of better quality are those fans who are more engaged and tend to like and share more content, communicating with all of their friends.

Myth 4: All content is created equal. The most effective content strategy is to post content that generates interaction (comments, likes, retweets, sharing, etc.).

Posting content manually is very time consuming, and any business that wants to effectively engage consumers needs a publishing solution that is easy to use and allows the user to post a lot of relevant content in a short amount of time. However, even using one of the numerous solutions available, you should not post anything and everything you can get your hands on. Fans can unsubscribe to a page as quickly as they subscribed, meaning posting material that entices sharing is key.

Fact 4: More than 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events and community pages) are available on Facebook alone, and the average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups, and events.

Content clutter is an obstacle in social media. If the content is not relevant and engaging then users will not respond or share. Generating a positive ROI in social media is about maximizing your social reach. Just with any other media, the more people you reach, the more impressions you get, the greater your response.

Myth 5: All fans are created equal. In order for fans to share and interact with content it must be seen and relevant and have value.

It is difficult for a business to create relevant content for fans who live 1,000 miles away. The best fans are fans who are local, and who are actively engaged in social media. These are fans who converse online, share content with friends, and are more involved than simply signing up for the next iPad promotion. Local fans will find content from a local business more relevant, which creates engaging material that the audience will want to share for free. To achieve maximum social reach, you need to have a strategy around posting content that maintains quality and relevancy. When you can measure engagement, you can determine which posts are most effective, and by posting more of this type of content you can reach larger numbers of potential consumers even with a small number of fans.

Fact 5: Eighty-three percent of shoppers said they are interested in sharing information about their purchases with people they know, while 74% are influenced by the opinions of others in their decision to buy the product in the first place.

Consumers are interested in sharing information, as well as receiving information from friends and family to use in decision-making. Businesses need to take advantage of this fact to promote sharing of their content and gain recommendations and referrals from their local community.

Myth 6: Social media is free and easy. Businesses showing success in social media have seen that it takes time and experience to manage a social media strategy.

Businesses do not have time to respond to every engagement, so often times they must utilize an outside source to help them manage this process. Dealing with the daily ins and outs of business is time consuming enough, without throwing the commitment of monitoring and maintaining a social media page onto the heap. Starting conversations, engaging with responses, and growing a fan base takes time and expertise that can be found in the staff of an outside agency.

Fact 6: Most businesses do not have the internal resources available to take full advantage of the opportunities in social media.

Businesses need expert assistance when it comes to creating and executing a content strategy. This is especially true for companies with multiple locations. Managing social media content becomes even more complex and time-consuming, requiring a solution that allows a business to plan, schedule, and post content from multiple sites.

Generating sales in social media is more than posting anything and everything. To succeed, you need to utilize experts who know what content is relevant, what generates response and discussions, what types of questions to post, and how and when to respond. In an ever-changing landscape of shifting trends and new technologies, avoid the common myths and dangerous pitfalls of trying to tackle social media alone.

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